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Why YOU Need a Bookkeeper

Running a successful business is no easy feat. Many business startups are excited and enthusiastic about taking their dreams and ideas and turning them into a tangible reality. This process is fun, but there is always a certain point that new business owners find themselves overwhelmed.

When you’re told that having a creative idea is half the battle of starting a successful business, they neglect to tell you the other, more analytical, half of the battle. When it comes to owning a business, finances are a necessity to keep track of.

Many business owners choose not to handle their finances themselves, even though it may seem cost-effective at first glance. This being said, analyzing and calculating every incoming and outgoing transaction is difficult enough, let alone the process of inputting data into a complicated system and running analytics to ensure that the money is matching up and isn’t disappearing, which can lead to a loss of money and eventual failure of a business.

Hiring a bookkeeper does cost a bit of money, but it saves you something more valuable: time! On top of that, a bookkeeper will be able to find the most financially responsible ways for you to run your business, so the money they are saving you will make their services quite inexpensive.

The responsibility of owning a business is time consuming and sometimes stressful, but with having a trusted resource, like JDM Business Services, to handle the numbers, you can free up so much time which enables you to better balance your work life and personal life. Even if you are working from home or building your own business, it’s just as important to be able to leave work at work and enjoy your time off.

On a more technical note, there exists a big concern that when doing your own bookkeeping that you might make a small mistake that will skew all of your data. When hiring a bookkeeper, there are many processes that are followed to ensure all of your bills are paid on time and that taxes are filed correctly to avoid legal trouble and a loss of revenue.

A bookkeeper can also analyze trends occurring with your business cash flow to help you understand if your efforts are gaining or losing money. This is useful when planning new strategies to diversify and expand your business. When something isn’t working, data will show that. It can also reveal options for how to recover from past mistakes to lead the way to future success.

Lastly, a bookkeeper can help resolve conflicts of interest. In some financial deals, a third party should be present to oversee signatures, discussions, and transactions. A bookkeeper is responsible for recording these transactions and can serve as a witness to any financial arrangements that are made.

As you can see, the benefits of hiring a bookkeeper are many. A bookkeeper can keep you stay financially on track, and analyze trends that can help determine the success or downfall of your business. Bookkeepers can act as witnesses or third parties in important transactions, and they can help file important documents such as taxes, ensuring that all bills are paid on time and in the correct amounts. The only consideration to make  hiring a bookkeeper is the cost of their expertise, which shouldn’t be an issue with the amount of money you’ll be saving!

Don’t let your business take over the things you love about life. Work with JDM Business Services, and we will be sure to keep your business financially responsible, for a fraction of the time you would otherwise spend!