Bookkeeping Services

Benefits for Your Business

Monthly Financial Packages
Accurate and professional report packages customized for your business.

Defined Pricing
Reasonably priced rates based upon your individualized package.

On-site or off-site bookkeeping services: off-site services include weekly pick-up and delivery offered as well as delivery via postal service, email and facsimile.

All information is reported in professional, easy-to-read financial reports.

Skilled professional
Over 20 years of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll experience.

Types of Service

Remote Bookkeeping
Your QuickBooks files reside at your office and we will remote in to complete the services you elect.

Off-Site Bookkeeping
Your QuickBooks file resides at our office. We will provide you with financial reports and a copy of your QuickBooks file for your reference.

On-Site Bookkeeping
Our staff bookkeeper will complete the services you elect at your office. Flexible and standard scheduling is available.

I knew the moment Juli started explaining JDM’s services that I was dealing with a consummate professional. I was immediately impressed with Juli/JDM and have remained so for the three years since Juli and her equally professional team took over handling an increasing range of my business and personal financials. I have owned and operated a service type company for 40+ years. Consequently, I know great service when “I feel it.” For me, everything about dealing with Juli and JDM Business Services, LLC. feels great! And her fees are always absolutely fair. All day long, Juli Wertz and JDM Business Services LLC. deserve a five (5) star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating from this old taskmaster. I recommend Juli and JDM Business Services, LLC. to any business owner who wants state-of-the-art, top quality business services.

Kirk Davis, Frontier Adjusters
East Hampton, CT